The latest attack on public employees:

Jay Inslee's plan to raid pensions for venture capital.

Announcing his campaign for Governor, Jay Inslee made just one concrete proposal: He would divert millions of dollars from public employee pensions to in-state venture capital.

Bad for employees and bad for tax payers

Inslee's plan has already failed in
other states.

This has been tried in California and Kansas, costing them hundreds of millions of dollars. That's why it's illegal in Washington State.

Our pension system is already underfunded. When pension systems fail, workers lose benefits, Tax payers are forced to make up the difference - or both.



The most shocking detail in Inslee's plan is who benefits. Inslee demands that the money go to companies that he thinks are worthy, companies that he admits are all-too-often located in his own Congressional District.

A real record of defending
public employees.

The Mainstream Republicans of Washington have a long history of supporting public employees. Mainstream Chairman Sid Morrision proposed Washington's first Collective Bargaining bill. Four members of the Federation of State Employees and one former leader of the WEA serve on Mainstream's board. The Executive Director was a member of the WFSE.

Mainstream, much like Attorney General Rob McKenna, has a long history of commonsense leadership, bi-partisan cooperation and a commitment to good government. We're proud of our record, a record that not only includes protecting public employees but also supporting our public schools, preserving our natural environment and defending a woman's right to choose.

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Rob McKenna

"Collective bargaining is a right. It's not the problem. The problem is politicians who give away too much at the bargaining table."

-Rob McKenna
When spending cuts threatened the jobs of his employees, McKenna protected his employees, successfully avoiding layoffs and furloughs
"Investing pension funds in risky startup companies puts taxpayer and state employee money at risk."

-Rob McKenna

Jay Inslee

Inslee didn't vote on key union organization bill HR800 in 2007.

Inslee did vote for Collective Bargaining on HR980 in 2007… a bill sponsored by Michele Bachman.


Inslee wants to take millions of dollars from state employee pension funds, to invest into venture capital.

Raiding State
Worker Pensions


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